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fashion is.He was dressed rather▓ carelessly; he knocked his cigarette ashes abo●ut so that they soiled his clothes●.He had a dark skin, and


, in singular▓ contrast to it, a pair of large b●lue eyes.His forehead, nose, and chin we▓re strongly modeled and expressed force of cha▓rac

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— MIKE DOE g.My nightly dre
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ter without pretending to conventional beaut▓y.He was not a handsome, but ▓a distinguished looking man.Th▓e abs


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and mustac●he lent him somewhat of the aspect of a Ca▓tholic priest.His big blue eyes were ful▓l of good-nature

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nc▓e.He had a quick, energetic way of movi▓ng which announced plenty of dash withi●n.He had entered the shop l?/p>

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